Pharmamafia, Ärzte, Poliker, Medien: alles steckt unter einer Decke

Mike Mareen
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Bruce Lipton - Geist ist stärker als Gene - Vortrag Deutsch - Teil 1

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Genetically Controlled Bio Robots - Bruce Lipton - AP 54

Ascend Podcast
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Topics We Covered in this Podcast:

Subconscious controlling

Genetically controlled Robots

Childs imagination mind to age of 7

Human Virtual reality suit

Earth Rovers

Bruce lipton has a quote and he says’I’m an Earth Rover - here to create here to experience and here to manifest the love...and when they come together, we are already engaged in the next higher level of human evolution!

A Very interesting way to think about the human experience deffinlty, are we a sophisticated human each rover, are we just experiencing life in a human virtual reality meat suit? maybe who knows?Within this podcast Bruce Lipton describes us humans as “Earth Rovers”, similar to a Mars Rover. The rover is you in this Universe on planet Earth. While our higher consciousness is the controller back at NASA. Taking this idea further, you could also consider humans as “Virtual Reality Rovers” or even “Players” in this Universe, this virtual reality, this simulation, this game.

Bruce Lipton, biologist (author of The Biology of Belief), we discuss what bruce has discovered about reality and gives his perspectives form a biology standpoint, We discuss virtuel reality, reprogming our subconscious mind. We even delve into the question do cells in the human body have consciousness.

Bruce liptons is most well known for uncoving the powerful truth that Many people, are programmed with the concept of genetic determinism, and the belife that genes in the fertilized egg at conception determine character and fate. Unable to pick our DNA genes, we are powerless to control our life, so that the only option is seeking help from someone in the biomedical community to fix our genes. Bruce introduced a new vision about the understanding of genes a half-century ago that is now is the new science of epigenetics. .this new understanding now proves we can realize control by regulating the environment in which we live and our perception of it, making us the master of our own genetics rather than a victim of heredity.

VAXXED – Der Film, der nicht gesehen werden darf | Andrew Wakefield in Berlin

Dr. Andrew Wakefield zu Fakten von & Lügen über VAXXED und die Verbindung von Impfungen und Autismus.

Wir waren auf der Premiere der Dokumentation VAXXED und sprachen neben Andrew Wakefield mit Besuchern und Betroffenen. Verbreitet diese Thematik, um eine öffentliche Diskussion weiter anzuschieben und den ganzen Lügnern und faschistoiden Elementen den Machtmissbrauch zu entziehen, mit dem Millionen Kinder und Familien in den letzten Dekaden zerstört wurden.


Der Krebs-Report: Die Krebs- & Pharmaindustrie-Lüge & der Weg zur Freiheit

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